Using Windows 8

Have you downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet?  If you haven’t, and you’re a regular user of Windows, you should do yourself a favor and do it.  Now, I say this with warning, as its still a Beta and you are treading onto the mechanics floor before the sports car is done to take a test drive, so be forewarned.

Let me know your thoughts and impressions


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The incredible giving of Bill Gates.

It still strikes me as bizarre that Steve Jobs gets the praise he does, before and after his death when he never came close to the philanthropy of Bill Gates.  In fact, when he took back the helm at Apple in the 90’s he promptly cancelled all of the giving campaigns that Apple corp had built into the system for employees to give.  See the below infographic to get an idea of how deep and vast Bill’s fortune is being used globally.  Astounding.


microsoft infographic



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Get One of these Fatso

Ok, so if you’re somewhere in your 40’s and starting to pack-it-on so to speak, this little beauty is a nice little motivator to keep you from becoming a complete sloth.  Fitbit.  Simple, discreet, super easy to use (and forget in the washing machine) and just enough to keep you remided to take care of that body.

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Hello, I guess…

This site is going to be dedicated to my thoughts, wisdom, rants and all else in between.  I hope you learn something and provide feedback.

– Scott

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Me Want

Have you checked out the Kindle Fire?  Pretty dang cool…

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